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If you have not learned the art of making or keeping friends - go on social media. The more crap you can time in shortest amount of time, earns you more friends than you can imagine. And if you hate them, just block them. And get new ones in China or Burundi.

If you want to be a leader in lead generation - sign and push environmental change petitions. Write mails. And spread hate or blame posts.

If you want to learn something, watch The Tube. Binge watch all survivor shows and you will be ready when disaster strikes.

If you want to feel alive, join the online support groups of any kind. Feel the joy of OM connectivity, spiritual ablaze, e-serenity, e-caress.

SOCIAL in Slovenian language means poor, without sufficient goods (or money) to support it's living. And SOCIAL MEDIA is JUST THAT. In Slovene social media has great and exact name.

I propose English name be changed to DISFUNCTIONAL MEDIA - since it is making us disfunctional or ANTISOCIAL MEDIA - since we are becoming ANTI-SOCIAL sooooo much.

I have a friend, that could not meet with me for an hour in past 6 months. But I see him posting on FB at least 1 hour a day.

IF YOU DON'T DO IT IN REAL LIFE, YOU ARE A FATSO FROM WALL-E! AND EVEN THEY REALIZED THEY NEED TO MOVE AND TAKE REAL ACTION IF THERE IS CHANGE TO BE MADE. Get out, talk to your neighbour, get a life, start living, don't be digitalized zombie!

If you liked this post, you are addicted to anti-social media. If you share it, you are a parrot - make your own story up!

If you call me after reading this, you will be cured!

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