There are only 2 kind of people in the world... Visitors of Slovenia and those who will become one

A young lady visiting one of our youth summer camps said: "Slovenia is the most beautiful country in the world!"

That is quite a big statement from 16 year old. But she is quite an expert. Her parents travel a lot and she+s been traveling since she was 1 year old. And been to every continent and more than 40 countries. It's not the whole world. But quite.

So what did she mean by the most beautiful?

We have stunning Nature. WE are a small country of 25.000 m2 and 2 M inhabitants. WE have more than 55% of forest in our country. Wilderness around every corner. 3 km from Ljubljana's city center, you can observe deer and other small wild animals. Ljubljana is like an urban New York's Central Park surrounded by Wild country side. Priceless and precious!

Book us and let us tour you around in some of the most wild and astounding wild forests in EU. Hiking, wild camping, Fotohunting, Videohunting, Wilderness retreats and more...

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