Youth WWF Summer Wilderness Camp 2017

Hey there adventurer! Want to share one special story about a group of 20 german youth 13 to 17 yrs of age and their exploration of magical shores of lake Klivnik, Slovenia. 6 days of sleeping in tents, by campfire or on the treehouse went by too quick. So quick that everyone wanted to stay for at least another week. And this is why:

Kids arrived from Munich by train and came to campsite by minibuses. Small team build up the camp, tents, kitchen, latrine, natural refrigerator, showers and the lot from scratch.

Arriving late in the evening a nice lentils soup and bread waited for their first welcome dinner. We started a nice warm fire and had our first evening round - a sharing circle around campfire, where everyone is able to express their feelings, wishes and troubles of the past day. Tired from the long roadtrip they all waffled up into their sleeping bags and slept like babies till morning.

Morning brought sun and funny warm up and tasty breakfast: muesli, bread, jam, spreadings, tea, hot cocoa, fruits.

In Morning round we got to know each other, what we love to do, the todays workshops, timeline of the day and routine work, that has to be done in order the camp to function properly: kitchen crew, safety measures, rules, etc.

And what we did in those 6 blissful days? We were rowing on the lake in kayaks, swimming, learning how to start a fire without matches or lighter, edible plants and roots, hiked to local farmer and learned the ways of living of the land, explored the wild surroundings of the camp, set up night cameras to capture wildlife, learned photography, took massage course and took great care of each other.

We played a special game called Secret Friend: Everyone wrote their name on a piece of paper put it in a sack and draw one paper out - that was theirs secret friend for the rest of the camp. You should do something special for you secret friend, but he/she must not find out that it has been you. Tough and funny. Building awareness of others, taking care of others and building strong community.

We slept on tree house, which is a special experience, climbed 30m tall old spruce tree. Observed fireflies buzzing in their never ending dance, stars, shooting stars, satellites and Milky way at night. Played football, beachvolley, relaxed in the hammocks, finding balance on slackline, observing wild animals, learned 20+ species of trees.

Made a 30 pound natural longbow and did some archery. Sing songs. Baked and cooked over the campfire. And for final day made a grand big final fire, 2.5 m tall pyramide that burned long and true, like our friendships.

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