Overconnected digitaly and underconnected physically?

Doing what I love with all my passion - spending as much time in Nature as possible and share and teach my experience to others - has learned me the most important thing, yet.

We all need the connection with mother Nature, ourselves, the physical sensation and illusion we call life. And we are so underconnected, that we starve and crave for one of the most underrated and overlooked of the 5 main 3 dimensional reality senses - the TOUCH.

And this underconnectivity, this hunger, emptiness, almost bottomless pit, we try to fill out with overconnecting digitally. Won't work, won't do. Not in the long shot.

We don't touch enough even ourselves or most of the time we do it routinely, robotically, habitually, not consciously. We don't take time, we are not present in the moment. Not focused on what we do.

I have a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a All Events in the City account, a Gmail account, a Google Drive account, a Skype account, a Dropbox account, a Google+ account, a Skillpages account, a Antivirus account, a... well list goes on and on.


1. Facebook: to boost my homepage and make it no1 on Google. And waist a sh*t load doing it.

2. LinkedIn: can't remember honestly.. sorry O:)

3. Gmail: well to get emails.. stay connected (this one is actually useful and helps get's some money - thank you very much)

4. Skype: to call people I cannot visit and stay in touch (Gmail is sometimes not enough)

5. Picasa account: Share pics, so others see what we do on survival courses

etc etc

And if combine I the time I use to digitally spin my digital world. Wow. Too much.

So I've started to connect more with physical people in last 2 months and talk about my passion to them, ask them how they feel, how they feel about nature.. and got more positive feedback and feedback at all, than in my whole 2 year Facebook career.

No to mention I got new customers and we all felt good, conversating with each other. And creating together.

My verdict: Digital is overrated. Go out, talk to yourself, talk to your neighbour, talk to complete strangers. Be adventures! Live and love a little.

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