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Current Projects

Bushcraft workshop for kids in Nature

Daily MON - FRI from  14:00 to 19:00 We take great care of your kids the natural way: forest/park adventure, making fire, finding hidden dwaren or elven treasure, learning about trees / plants / animals,  creative workshops, movement, games ... We are rebuilding natural bonds by digital generations. With great effect and fun.

Join us and discove pirate, knight, elf, dwarf, indian, hunter, pathfinder in YOU. And meet new cool friends.

From 20 - 30 € / day / child (contact mail for longer periods discount)

Info & Enrollment:

Sleeping outdoors or in tree tops

Everyday, any season, we offer nature sleep over. Sleeping outside or in tree tops helps you relax, fill up you energy to the max and start your day early and refreshed - at the moment in the vicinity of Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.

We offer hammocks, sleeping mats and bags for all seasons if you don't have your own.
Sleeping in nature has many positive long lasting effects on our body and mind: reduce stress, relaxation, best night sleep, filling up energy centers of your body, uplift focus, creativity, out of the box thinking, against insomnia, pains, headaches, ...

From 20 - 100 € / person / night

Info & Enrollment:

Wild hikings for groups, families & companies

Have no ideas for hike or nature trip? Or you simple want something special, to break your weekend routine? Write or call us and we will help you plan or manage the perfect trip for you and your loved ones. We offer consulting on gear, timetable, planning & level of difficulty.

Go on the trip alone or with our guide and all the animation.

From 50 € - 200 €

Info & Enrollment:

Business coaching

Raise sales & revenues, change business strategy, optimize your business or your company. Focus the energy and reduce energy hemorrhage for quicker goal reach.

Use our 35+ years of business experience in leadership and mentoring.


First consulting hour free of charge.

100 €/h or by agreement.

Book free consulting hour:

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