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Wilderness Summer Camps in Slovenia

21 - 28 JULY

On shores of magical lake participants & family members create a strong and lasting bonds. Join us and experience timelessness of days, joyful creativity, independence, peace, and tranquility. With lots of play, music, dancing, great locally grown healthy meals - all for two things: to enjoy life and recharge our batteries...  enroll now and claim special family discount of -30% on all prices

Rich program: kayaking, archery, sleeping on treehouse, dwarven treasure hunt, Indian sauna, massage workshops, creative workshops (wood carving, pottery, painting, drawing, bow making, basket weaving...), bushcraft skills, primitive technologies, star gazing, fire making, wild animals watching, swimming, games, music workshops ...

JULY 2023

Come have fun with us for 1 week or 2 weeks all-together. Choice is yours!


YOU will experience it all: SAFELY, COSYLY and WARMLY. Because survival in nature is serious fun!

Family wilderness programs FWP

+ Weekend survival adventures
+ Thematic workshops
+ Summer 7, 10, 14 day camps

Nature helps us create strongand deep family bonds. All family members experience and learn independence, creativity, peace & tranquility, timelessness, play and recharge our body's batteries...    -30% family discount on all prices!

All experience in safe, comfortable and as warm as possible environment. Because survival in nature is serious fun!

Basic wilderness weekend course BWWC

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Learn the basic skills of survival in nature and bushcraft. A mandatory course for anyone that wish to take her's or his's outdoor camping experience to the next level.

For people that spend a lot of time outdoors, ofr preppers, for nature lovers. No skills required.

All year round courses with basic program and special skills for every season of the year!

+ START: FRI 18:00  |  END: SUN 15:00
+ Max No. of Attendees = 20
+ Reserve your place by paying min 30 % of tuition

Extreme wilderness weekend course EWWC

Do you love to watch TV survival shows? Want to experience it yourself? Test your body, mind and spirit limits? This is it! Extreme weekend survival course. With minimal gear!

Recommended for: adventurers, adrenal junkies extreme sports(wo)men and all other curious people. Experience how our instructors spent their time in wilderness. For 18+ only.

All year round course with tailored program for group wishes & needs !

+ START: FRI 18:00  |  END: SUN 15:00
+ Max No. of Attendees = 10
+ Reserve you place by paying min 30 % of tuition

Advanced wilderness courses AWC


For all experienced hunters, mountain guides, boyscouts, hikers, travelers, backpackers, adventurers & for all who work or spent a lot of time outdoors. Upgrade your skillset, reduce stress & proneness to injuries or just be more relaxed in wilderness environment. And for all preppers & those who wish learn primitive technologies & how to spent longer periods of time in the woods.

DIY, primitive technologies, primitive engineering, preparation for longer wilderness staying.

Advanced courses  attendees must attend a basic survival course at Black Raven Wilderness Academy or prior attend a similar course at other outdoor survival programs provider.


All year round course with basic program and season specific special skills!

Recommend for: soldiers, boyscouts, rescue workers, climbers, seasoned travelers.

ASCs lasts from 2 to 10 days. Mail for additional info.

+ Start & End: By agreement
+ Max No. of Attendees =15
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