Black Raven Solutions Wilderness Academy team crossbreeds versatile skill-sets with wast experience. Our passion working with kids, youth and adults and close connection with Wilderness is our common ground.
And we want to share this with YOU.

Welcome to enchanting wilderness of  Slovenia, EU or other global places we cover.

Miha Berčič
founder & lead instructor
Director of outdoor programs

MSCi Microbiology/Biotechnology, boyscout since 1988

Strong connection with Nature and trees burn strong in his heart. Constantly searching for new untouched places in Slovenian and global Wilderness.
During study of Microbiology, he learned the language of science and combined it with the language of Nature.
In last decade he's exploring the healing properties of natural foods, self-healing abilities and other naturopathic methods.

sanja h2.jpg
Zala Ernožnik Podreka
Kids animation expert

BA in linguistics & translation, pupeteer, Sustainable pedagogue, teacher

Working with kids through creation and art really defines Sanja. Working in translation and titling at first, she soon decided to expand her passion in kids & youth work and finished teaching school.

Outdoor lover, artist, caring and open hearted, she is a perfect addition to the team when it comes to kids workshops and camps.

Peter Premužić
Digital guru

Digital Agency Manager and Alchemy of Touch maser.


Peter loves to travel the world and explores local cultures and attends character-growing alternative workshops and events on a global scale. ​

Nature lover, slackliner, yoga practitioner, climber. And in love with ecstatic dancing, preferably around big campfire in rhythm with a battery of drums.

Mateja Tea Dereani
Nutrition & antistress specialist
Director Dereani d.o.o.

Bch. in Archeology, Nutritionist expert for plant-based lifestyle

Nutrition and anti-stress coach helping clients live well.
Author of 4 cookbooks on the vegetable-only diet, "A la carte" chef, author of many articles, education expert for organic shops,  restaurants, schools and kindergartens.

Certified Organ musician at Conservatorium for Music and Balet Ljubljana.
At Black Raven Solutions she offers her deep knowledge and experience in preparing healthy and energetically packed meals on camps and workshops.

Tilen Strle
Caretaker of homestead Strle

BA in Biology, customer caretaker at family homestead Strle

Practically living in wilderness on top of a wild gorge Iški Vinthgar, he loves to show the natural beauties of his local environment to any wanderer. Together with mother Judita and brother Urban they take care of visitors and customers the old fashion way: lots of great food, cosy modern rooms, and peaceful leisure time at their homestead Osredek in small village Osredek.

Cooperating with Black Raven Solutions WA for 7 yrs.

katka apostolides.jpg
Katarina Apostolides
International Certified Mushroom Determinator & Expert

Mushroom Expert, Permaculture Certified Designer

Lived in Belgium, Portugal & Spain, 9 years in the UK, where she acquired the Permaculture Designer Certificate. Studied Music for 8 years at Conservatorium for Music and Balet Ljubljana and played various flutes ever since. But her true love and passion lies in mushrooms. She is a certified Mushroom Determinator (Micological Association of Slovenia) active internationally: UK, Transilvania, Slovenija. She knows how to talk to mushrooms and name them in Latin, English and Slovene. Mother of 2.