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VIP Product Manager

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North Sumatra, Indonesia

Job Type

Full Time, 2-3 months/year

About the Role

Part Time


Managing of micro jungle resort Villa Happy Monkey

Tangkahan, Medan, N Sumatra

On site dream job - you will manage micro resort set on the banks of clean river bordering Gunung-Leuser national park. Monkeys will be your neighbours and daily friends.

No malaria, no poisenous snakes or spiders. Friendly jungle.

Near equator - 1 season, monsune season, daylight 6 am to 6 pm.


Managing and taking care of guests in jungle resort. Managing supply chain, cooking staff, medical needs, guest's travel & sightseeing arrangements, household repairs, booking confirmations, guest transportation.

Can handle herself/himself and manage people


Tourism or Hospitality backgorund bonus

About the Company

Black Raven Solutions is managing jungle micro resort Villa Happy Monkey and we need additional help to support and grow the business.
We are seeking 3 to 5 strong and experiencedindividuals

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