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holistic approach to personal sensibilization & self-healing

WED 18:00 17th MAY 2022
4 meetings x 2 hrs (8 hrs)
1x weekly + home work
Park Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenija

130 €


Don't know about You, but I cannot imagine Life without connection with Nature, especially Trees. Urban lifestyle, too fast tempo, information carpet-bombing of our senses and disconnection with ourselves (our emotions, feelings, thoughts, needs) - all this is a recipe for burnout, disease development, unsatisfaction, Life's disappointment, lack of communication which culminates in unfulfilled and painful relationships.


For a long time I have known the true Power and Value of mother Nature. I've learned its language and started using the healing energies for self-relaxation, self-healing and character / personality development.

Healing Energies of the Trees Workshop is the fruitition of years of practical exploration,  experience and education.

I am Miha Berčič, Wilderness Survival Instructor Black Raven Solutions, living  6+ months per year in the wild.

Learn the energetic and vibrational language of the nature and connect with our brethren - the Trees. Trees have very similar vibrational field as we humans do.
Connect - converse - heal - exchange life's experience!

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Our attention is stolen by the media, social (social) media, our children, our colleagues, on the daily basis. In this "battle" for attention, we usually draw the short straw. First and foremost, we do not pay attention to ourselves, how we feel, where we get hurt, what emotions and feelings are emerging in a particular situation or relationship. Because we don't pay attention to daily "energy hygiene", it is our body's duty to remind us of it. By getting sick. It is only then that our body gets our full attention, which we try to avoid even then - if our head hurts, we take a painkiller. We try to ignore the cause of the pain, we're not trying to fix it. We're taking shortcuts. Shortcut delays the journey is an old Slovenian proverb. The Healing Energy of the Trees Workshop teaches you how to pay attention. Those real yoga mysitics secrets - being in the moment - that last all day at regular exercise.

Subscription / Payment


Workshop Value 130 €


Thank you for your participaction!

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Sensitization is not the same as (over)sensitivity. Sensitivity is conditioned by our reactivity. Sensitization allows us to detect more subtle stimuli from the surroundings, such as the emotional states of other persons, animals,... and of course energies of the Nature itself: energy of trees, space, water, forest. Sensitization is an upgrade of attention and unlocks our natural childhood curiosity. Remind us that there is something in our surroundings that requires our attention - whether there is something dangerous to us (we retreat or protect), or something helps us grow, be aware, calm down... The healing energy of trees increases your sensitivity many folds and allows you to self-investigate energies and mysteries of Life.


Trees are special life forms, as the old peoples and our ancestors knew. Paganism and old-beliefs practices are awakening again, old rituals and the use of energies for self-healing and relaxation is also well examined:

+ Masaro Emoto (Hado effect)

+ GDV camera (Kirilian effect)

+ communication with plants (CIA research in the 1960s)

+ Shinrin-yoku (Japanese practice of "bathing in forest energy")

The healing energy of trees teaches you how to connect with trees, communicate with them. It all starts with a link followed by a dialog. :)


What did the trees teach me? A lot of things.

One of the more powerful wisdom of life I learned from the trees is this: "If you really want something in life, don't look for or run for a thing or a person. Stand where you have faith that it's already in your life. And that's only going to come to you. At the right time!"

And another "magical ability" - I'm not looking for mushrooms with eyes like most humans. I ask the trees where they grow. And they're happy to answer me. Trees know best, fungi are associated with the root system of trees. The healing energy of trees teaches you to use the energy of trees for self-healing and how we learn from them ancient wisdom.


Participant Jasna

I am infinitely grateful that your being and workshop aroused a child's curiosity and expression in me.

Miha, thank you for creating the workshop and bestowed it among us. That, despite the small numbers of participants, you decided to carry out a workshop, despite the "difficult" situations that were afflicting us (COVID).


And really grateful that you "insisted" on visiting the city for the last part of the workshop. ​ I am infinitely grateful that you have encouraged and supported a child's curiosity in expression. The last meeting in town was Magic. I wouldn't have thought... and precisely because I thought and framed.. in the future because of the past... I was rooting for corona to stop us from going into town and we'd be in the Woods.


​ The pulse of "our" city (Ljubljana) is really full of playfulness and love. With the sun stroking us and the leaves dancing rainbowly in the air. All these trees that embrace us and our city with boundless, unconditional love.

I'm grateful that I've been able to feel my Nature and express it in The City as well. Praise that I've catched the lime seed propeller on the meadow below the Ljubljana's castle, for the fairy tree dance in autumn colours, the reflection of playful houses in coexistence with trees, which at the same time remain in place and the skewers travel along the banks of river Ljubljanica.

For the Sense of Streaming of the Invisible Dragon River, which throws up a fire when it's "necessary" to adjust the balance. Between "right" and "wrong." Between day and night. Breathe and exhale. Between Birth and Death.

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