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Fri, 10 Jul


Location is TBD

Survival for Couples

Intensive Weekend Relationship Workshop At Lodge & surrounding woods, Slovenija, EU

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Survival for Couples

Time & Location

10 Jul 2020, 18:00 CEST – 12 Jul 2020, 15:00 CEST

Location is TBD

About the event


Type: Personal growth/transformation

Where: cabin in Slovenian wilderness


Fee: 900 €/couple VAT included


+full board: 3 organic locally produced organic meals/day; unlimited non-alchoholic beverages & snacks

+”a-la carte” chef

+cabin rental

+outdoor equipment rental

+workshop material

+transportation Ljubljana-location-Ljubljana

+Wilderness Couple Survival Booklet

+preliminary couple relationship questionare analysis 

Additional payment:

+direct pick-up Ljubljana International Airport Jože Pučnik

+personal translator (50+ world languages)

WSIS4C: How do we transform surviving, fighting & being passive behaviour and other destructive personal relationship behaviors into passionate thriving togetherness, what we strongly believe should be every couple's life story .


+rekindling of love fire in long term relationships, 

+grounding of freshly in-loved,

+building rock-solid foundations of newly weds, 

+for single individuals thinking seriously about long term couple commitments, 

+for youth who want to found out what they want and what can they expect from future sweetheart.

WSIS4C – knowledge, practice, wisdom for healthy, caring, flowering and fulfilling couple and personal relationships


Start Friday 20:00 at location, pick-up 18:30 Ljubljana

End Sunday 16:00, drop-of 17:30 Ljubljana

Exlusive Once in a Lifetime VIP price: 900 €/couple, VAT included or 450 €/person

Special and exclusive program for committed & solution based individuals & couples who want to solve or enlighten interpersonal relationship obstacles and live more happy, peaceful, playful & serene. Max number of participant is 6 couples or 12 person. Location: wilderness cabin. Weekend intensive seminar with VIP full board, intensive self growth workshops created for fine tuning , tweaking, general service & life hacking of partner relationship. 

!!!! Important: Both partners must agree to participate. We do not offer magic wand, we offer tools, insights and guidance for your own intra&inter personal resolution. 

This workshop will not solve your entanglements and problems. It will only highlight them. Best effects come with regular practice, self observation and professional therapeutic counseling.

For brave & adventures!!!

Your mentors:

Miha Berčič, MSCI Microbiology/Biotechnology, Director of Outdoor Programs Dereani d.o.o., founder Black Raven Solutions

Special music therapist: Roman Gostiša, developmental coach-mentor, gong master, professional musician

We cooperate with various professionals on NLP, coaching, counseling, therapy, couple therapy, ...


1. Wisdom of the Red School:

Personal enlightenment workshop giving you tools and old mystic knowledge of your own body, energy work and how we recreate our present by our primary family’s unresolved partnership issues. You will learn how to focus on your body and your surrounding and how to separate between them. What is your emotions, feelings, thoughts, sensations. And what comes from outside. In one sentence: THIS is MINE, THAT is YOURS.

2. Face massage workshop:

you will learn the 10-15 minute relaxing face massage that will help ease up work related stress so it won’t affect your partnership in tremendous way. We initiate healing touch, the most underrated and most powerful human sense. Doing it daily will help starting the buildup of deep, caring and loving connection between both partners. 

3. Communication:

Man’s principle VS woman’s principle. Man need space, woman need time to process information. How does this affect intersex realtionships, where are the traps, why do we crash & burn and how to heal.  Practice workshop.

4. The languages of love:

Learn your and your partners language of love. This way both of you will know for sure, that the other partner loves you and you will be sure, that you expressed your love for him/her in the language he/she understands.

5. Partnership manifesto: 

Together you will write your own manifesto, what is important, what we expect, what we do not want, all the rules of play. Manifesto is a process through which you build healthy and strong partnership foundations.

6. Family patterns & issues:

Find out what destructive behaviors have you brought from your family into your partnership. How they control your life, partner’s life and your partnership. How do we consciously accept them and transform them. And what do we learn in this process.

7. Do it Together: Home Physical Cleaning - Energetic Clearing:  

Why is regular dusting and cleaning a must to keep our relationship balanced. And why we must do it together!


How to build and organize our home, so it will be passionate, cosy and functional for both partners.

9. Plus and minus list:

Total honesty and compassion must be practiced here. Both of you go all out and write down every partners positive and negative sides. And do the list for yourself. Than we combine. And see, where are your strong points and where you can grow or evolve.ž

10. What are we and what are our behaviors:

Is someone dumb or sometimes just acts dumb?  The traps and consequences of each other labeling and true constructive communication of our unsatisfaction with our partners behavior, actions or talk. A short course in NLP.

11. “I am sorry” Module:

How to apologize sincerely and what do we get in return. Was someone guilty or just acted irresponsible? By the guidelines of Adler coaching.

12. Expression (with upbringing suppressed) emotions:

Boys are strong and can express anger, we are not weak or afraid and we don’t cry! Girls can cry, but msut not show anger. Must be quiet and look pretty. 

And all other palette of emotions. We will look into some examples that will come up during the weekend. And leave the rest for you to explore by yourself. And learn the gently process of letting out and letting go of the destructive ones that were not allowed to be expressed in our childhood years.

13. Expectations:

Expectaion is a killer. Especially the unspoken ones. These can poison and bitter our daily partnership communication and living. We will work on communicating our needs and how our partner accepts or denies them.

Practicing compassion = accepting the other the way they are in that moment and time.

14. Non-defensive and non-agressive boundaries set-up:

How on gentle & strong plus healthy & healing way express, set and maintain our boundaries. Why are personal boundaries important. And the constant tug and pull of others testing the barrier strenght.

15. How to listen and hear your partner. How to transform yourself from open mouth to the big ear.

Change is the only constant. We either grow together or we grow apart. Know thyself and all is well.

Black Raven Solutions | Wilderness Academy

Dereani d.o.o. ARR 2018-2020





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