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Sun, 27 Feb


ONLINE Intensive Webinar

Survival 4 Couples - ONLINE Intensive Webinar

To fan the flames of a long-standing partnership, to land freshly in love, to set up solid foundations for newlyweds, for singles considering a serious relationship, for young people who want to discover what they really want from the opposite or same sex sweetheart - and above all, from themselves.

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Survival 4 Couples - ONLINE Intensive Webinar

Time & Location

27 Feb 2022, 19:00 CET – 10 Jul 2022, 19:00 CEST

ONLINE Intensive Webinar

About the event

Survival 4 Couples What: Personal growth, ONLINE  Relationship Intensive  

- 50% discount when you pay by 28.12.2021

START: SUNDAY 27.2.2022 19:00 / 7 PM CET+1 and 19 more Sundays (ends on Sunday 10th of July 2022)

Where: ONLINE - Zoom webinars (1 hour to 1.5 hours for 20 consecutive weeks) * 

* it is possible to watch the recording and send the homework to the organizer in a period of 2 days after initial airing time (if you cannot make it)  

Organizer: BLACK RAVEN SOLUTIONS, Dereani d.o.o. 


Miha Berčič :: MSCi Microbiology

25+ years in group dynamics, leadership, social behaviour, social engineering

Entrepreneur 10+ yrs

Sales 20+ yrs B2C, 6+ B2B, Marketing 12+ yrs

International Lecturer

Married 10 yrs

Mateja Tea Dereani :: BA Archeology :: Organ School of Ljubljana :: Nutritionist

Nutrition 30+ yrs :: plant based A la carte chef  :: author of 4 plant based cookbooks :: lecturer :: restaurant adviser :: kindergarten and schools nutrition advisor

Married 10 yrs

Guests from various fields of psyshotherapy, sound healing

Course value: 600 € person / 1100 € for a couple (9% partner discount)

How we turn survival, blind devotion and struggle in a partnership into pleasure and the joint creation of a life story! 

WHO AND WHAT is the Online Relationship Intensive for? 

To fan the flames of a long-standing partnership, to land freshly in love, to set up solid foundations for newlyweds, for singles considering a serious relationship, for young people who want to discover what they really want and expect from the opposite or same sex - and above all from themselves.  

SURVIVAL for Couples - knowledge and practice for a healthy, loving and thriving partnership and personal relationship  Limit the group to 8 pairs or 16 individuals.  

START: SUNDAY 27.2.2022 19:00 - 20:30 Duration: 1 HOUR to 1.5 HRS, 20 SUNDAYS starts at 19:00 / 7 PM CET+1

Exclusive price: -50% for registrations until 28.12. 300 € person / 500 € for a couple (additional 9% partner discount) 

Mandatory registration at: (subject: survival for couples) 

As part of the Black Raven Solutions Wilderness Academy, we are preparing a special survival program for couples. Both partners must decide and agree to apply. For the brave and passionate.

SURVIVAL for couples - knowledge and practice for a healthy, loving and thriving partnership and personal relationship!


Week 1. Knowledge of the Red School: 

(Meditation) Focusing on your body and surroundings - get to know and fully feel your body and its surroundings. Be aware of what, are your feelings, emotions, thoughts, energies and what is coming from outside. In one sentence: IT'S MINE, IT'S YOURS. And how in a gentle way we release all the emotions that have surfaced.  

Week 2. Facial massage course:

Establishing touch and relaxing each other, caring for the partner: A relaxing and healing way to establish a deep and loving connection between partners. 20 minutes to share, to relax work problems, daily connections and touch, which is our deepest and most intense sense that connects us.  

Week 3. Communication: 

Male principle - female principle. Men need space, women time. Find out how this is reflected in gender communication, where the pitfalls are, why “communication caroms” occur, and how to remediate them during this module. 

Week 4. Languages ​​of love: 

Discover and become aware of your own and your partner's language of love. Learn to show how they love each other. 

Week  5. Manifestation of the relationship: 

What we expect in relation to ourselves, our partner and from the common relationship Process during which you consciously lay a healthy and solid foundation for your relationship.

Week 6. Family patterns: 

what we brought into the partnership from the primary family, how it affects it, and how we become aware and change patterns  

Week 7. Working together: 

Why it is important to clean the apartment together.  

Week 8. Our love nest: 

Arranging a common home to be passionate, comfortable and functional for both of us.  

Week 9. Pros and cons: 

A list of likeable and disruptive personal and partner traits and behaviours - discover where you are strong and where you can develop.  

Week 10. What are we and how do we behave: are you stupid or do you just sometimes behave stupidly? Pitfalls and consequences labeling and properly expressing dissatisfaction with our partner 

Week 11. The apology module: 

How we sincerely apologize and what we gain from it. How do we know the apology was accepted. According to the Adler coaching method.  

Week 12. Expressing (by educating repressed) emotions: 

We boys are strong and we can express anger, we should not show sadness and fear. Girls can cry, but we should not express anger. And the rest of the range of emotions. We discover them, examine the whole spectrum, and through a gently guided process express those that have not been allowed. Following the effective methods of John Ruskan and Nancy A. Nester and Ken Page.

Week 13. Expectations: 

Especially the unspoken ones can poison or embitter our everyday life partnership: awareness, communication and expression and how we accept expectations our other halves. 

Week 14. Non-defensive and non-aggressive communication: 

How to establish and maintain personal boundaries in a gentle but at the same time strong and healthy (ier) way and why boundaries are important.  15. Our joint activities: What connects us - physical activities.

Week 16. Time and space for me: 

Every relationship must have it. Time and space that each partner takes exclusively for themselves (when alone and / or with friends).

Week 17. Caring for yourself, caring for your partner: 

How to separate the two, when to support your partner in his crises or challenges, when to leave him alone and support him only with your presence (holy witness) and “endure” his emotional state. And how we develop this in relation to ourselves.

Week 18. Time for fun and play: We found each other together for nice things. They need to be maintained, cultivated, fed, watered. Relive them. And explore new ones.

Week 19. What do I know about my partner: And what does he / she know about me? Change is the only constant - with constant conversation we refresh the state of well-being, change of values ​​and goals of the partner. And we express our own and inform our partners about it. Question: how much is your picture or. the idea of ​​your partner in line with the current realistic picture?  20. How the puzzle of a partnership unfolds after.

Week 20. Sharing impressions, thoughts, feelings:

During the intensive you will be confronted with your unprocessed emotions, performances, masks, values, beliefs.

Each topic will pull out of you all the unexplained causes that are reflected in an inharmonious partnership. Accept them calmly, unbound, and free yourself from them. It won't be easy. We are here to make this process as easy as possible. The possibility of entering into a partner psychological counseling or therapeutic relationship, for which we work with renowned experts.

- 50% discount when you pay by 28.12.2021 - Do not miss this opportunity!

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