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Fri, 06 May



Advanced Wilderness Survival Weekend LvL2 - focus on campsite projects

Get new ideas for special bushcraft and campsite projects . We will do it all.

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Advanced Wilderness Survival Weekend LvL2 - focus on campsite projects

Time & Location

06 May 2022, 18:00 CEST – 08 May 2022, 13:30 CEST


About the event

Love the outdoor camping? We too!

But don't have ideas what to do, when you are bored of grilling hamburger patties?

No worries. We do.

We will show you new campsite projects, tips and tricks.

Plus any idea you had but could not finish - we will do it together! (if it's doable in 36 hrs)

Projects pool (to choose from):

+natural shelters

+fire starting methods (friction (bow drill, ruddiger roll, plow), chemical, electrical, sun & lense, ...)

+special fireplaces (all nighter, sweedish torch, dakota fire pit, log fireplace, portable utilities, ...)

+advanced cooking places (stone stoves, ...)

+water finding (techniques, signs)

+water purification (chemical, heat, natural methods, ...)


+basket weaving

+advanced tool maitenance (sharpening, conservation, upkeep)

+DIY tools & equipment making, improvisation

+edible plants, mushrooms, roots, shoots, bark, leaves LvL2, LvL3

+poisenous plants, mushrooms (determination, usage)

+deadly wild edibles to watch for

+advanced (self)first aid (medicinal plants & usage, meditative healing techniques, basic trauma solutions...)

+wooden tools & weapons making (spear, bow & arrows, throwing stick, bola, ....)

+advanced meditative techniques (body heating, body cooling, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, becoming invisible, cold & heat adaptation, emotions & feelings releasment, becoming calm on demand, ...)

+equipment loadouts

+advanced orientation (by sun, moon, the stars, constelations, GPS, map & compas, map only, by description, combination)

+advanced tracking

+concealment (natural and man made camouflage, concealed movement, ...)

+stealth camping solutions


+getting saved and being visible

Age limit minimum 16+ years of age 





  • Regular


    Food, tools, maps, organization




  • Regular + all equipment


    Regular + sleeping bag, sleeping map, canteen, bakcpack rental






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